Choosing a Financial Professional

The right professional can help you secure a financial future

Financial professionals partner with clients to achieve a financial strategy that makes the most sense for them. With training, experience and a wealth of resources, financial professionals make it their business to help guide each client through what can sometimes be difficult decisions. Whether it's life insurance, retirement planning, business succession or charitable gifting—it all becomes more clear when a financial professional works with you to help find a solution tailored to your needs.

Experience and Expertise

There is a lot of information available out there and you may be tempted to "do-it-yourself." A financial professional has the experience and expertise to help you identify your financial needs and plan for a successful future. They are experienced in the complexities of the financial world and can help you navigate around potential pitfalls.

Licensed and Educated

A financial professional must be licensed, and is required to attend continuing education seminars and courses regularly to maintain their license. That means they are up-to-date on the broad range of insurance and retirement products available in today's financial market, and have an understanding of the many resources, the current research and the latest information that may be unavailable to most people. There are a variety of professional designations that can help you find a qualified professional, such as CFP (Certified Financial Planner), CFA (Certified Financial Analyst) or ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant).

A Personal Relationship

There are many financial journals, calculators and web sites that provide information about strategies for retirement, estate planning and business succession – but how do you know which is right for you? A financial professional can help you cut through the noise and confusion to find the strategy that best fits your individual needs. Most financial professionals have a process for helping you identify your needs and goals, assessing your current situation and developing a strategy to meet your goals. Once you've developed a plan, they will help you monitor the effectiveness of your plan and make adjustments as needed—or as your goals change.

How to Choose a Financial Professional

The best way to find a financial professional is to ask people you know who have good relationships with qualified financial professionals. Ask friends and family members if there is someone they would recommend. You can also start right here on the Columbus Life web site to find someone near you. Once you have a list of several likely candidates, schedule a preliminary meeting to review your goals and see if there is a fit. Find out everything you can about the services provided, how fees are structured, credentials, and experience.

A qualified financial professional who helps you define a strategy for reaching your financial goals may bring you a sense of financial stability about the financial future you've worked so hard to attain.

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