Many of us will be living longer, which presents a key question—how are you going to live in the future?
Annuities can help answer that question by providing a long-term investment designed to help protect you from the risk of outliving your income.
  • With periodic payments from an annuity, you may be able to receive a guaranteed stream of retirement income to help maintain a comfortable lifestyle for the rest of your life.
  • The type of annuity you choose depends on your goals. Do you need income that starts now, or in the future? A Columbus Life financial professional can help you make the right choice based on how your needs match up with the features of each annuity.

Explore the different types of annuities that we offer:

Single Premium Deferred Annuities

A single premium deferred annuity allows for a single, lump-sum contribution. Your money grows tax-deferred until you withdraw it, or begin receiving a stream of income payments.

Fixed Annuities

Fixed annuities give you the chance to earn more on your money at a competitive, fixed interest rate. Indexed annuities, a specific type of fixed annuity, also provide guarantees, as well as the opportunity to earn interest based on changes in a market index or indices.

Single Premium Immediate Annuities

Unlike a deferred annuity, an immediate annuity permanently converts a lump sum into income payments right when you purchase the annuity. Single premium immediate annuities allow you to set up an immediate, steady income stream with a one-time, lump-sum contribution that can last as long as you live.

Payment of the benefits of Columbus Life Insurance Company products is the obligation of, and is guaranteed by, Columbus Life. Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of Columbus Life. Products are backed by the full financial strength of Columbus Life Insurance Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of Columbus Life Insurance Company.
Annuity products are not bank products, are not a deposit, are not insured by the FDIC, nor any other federal entity, have no bank guarantee and may lose value.
This site is intended to provide a general overview of our products. Please review each product's Client Guide for full product details.
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Single Premium Fixed Indexed Annuity contract series ICC14 ENT-03 1406, Single Premium Deferred Annuity contract series CL 77-I 0407 and CL 81-I 0407, Single Premium Immediate Annuity contract series CL 21.