Life insurance is an essential part of a complete financial plan, and can help provide financial protection for your future. Whether you need the temporary protection of term, or a more permanent solution like universal life, your independent Columbus Life insurance professional can help you make the right choice.
  • The type of life insurance you should choose depends on your life stage, where you are in your life, how long you will need coverage and whether you want the opportunity to build money inside your life insurance policy — called cash value.
  • Life insurance also includes specialized riders that may be combined with your policy to help provide benefits while you are still living, and protection for your estate when you die.

Explore the different types of life insurance that we offer:

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance can offer the best of two worlds — a fixed amount of coverage with a tax-deferred, cash accumulation account based on current interest rates. Indexed universal life, a specific type of universal life insurance, builds cash value inside your policy through indexed interest credits, and can provide protection from downside market index risk through a minimum interest rate guarantee1.

Term Life Insurance

There may be times when you need financial protection for only a limited time. Term life insurance can provide maximum protection and costs less than a permanent plan of insurance. Term life insurance can also be converted to a more permanent life insurance plan at a later time.

Survivorship Universal Life Insurance

Survivorship universal life insurance is a flexible premium life product that insures the lives of two people, with the death benefit payable when the second person dies. It can be a key part of your financial strategy to ensure that funds are available for your loved ones when they need them most.

1 Index returns do not guarantee that the policy will stay in force...
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Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of Columbus Life Insurance Company.
Life insurance products are not bank products, are not a deposit, are not insured by the FDIC, nor any other federal entity, have no bank guarantee and may lose value.
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