Legacy G

Guaranteed Survivorship Universal Life

With a lot of hard work, you've both passed on your philosophy, your aspirations and your dreams to a new generation. Now it's time to be sure everything you've worked for continues to keep those dreams alive.

Legacy G survivorship universal life can be a key part of your plan to transfer your estate or business to those important to you. It offers lifetime protection for two people, including spouses and business partners. And, a lifetime no-lapse guarantee can help ensure benefits are available for life.

Key Features

Insures the lives of two people — family or key business personnel.
Death benefit paid, income tax-free, when the second person dies.
Lifetime no-lapse guarantee1 means a death benefit will be received as long as minimum premiums are paid.


Face Amounts
$100,000; ages 20-79
$250,000; both insureds less than age 60

Advances a portion of the death benefit when certain medical conditions are met.
Lifetime No-Lapse Guarantee Benefit
Provides security of a guaranteed death benefit for the lifetime of the policy.
Policy Exchange Option
Permits conversion into two equal individual universal life insurance policies should a divorce or significant estate tax law changes occur.
Estate Protection Rider
Provides protection from estate taxes if both insureds die within first three years of policy.
Other Insured Term Rider3
Provides term insurance to age 95.

1 Continued Coverage Benefit in IL. The No-Lapse Guarantee provision in the policy will keep the policy in force for the lifetime of the Insured, as long as you pay at least the No-Lapse Guarantee Minimum Monthly Premium as described in the policy. Withdrawals, loans and late payments may require that additional premium be paid to keep the No-Lapse Guarantee active. Review your contract carefully, it specifies factors that may reduce the amount of premium required to maintain the No-Lapse Guarantee for a limited period. Coverage could expire prior to the insured's age 120 if premiums paid are not sufficient to continue coverage to that date.
2 Accelerated death benefits will reduce the death benefit and may affect the available loan amount and other policy values.
3 Covered Person Term Rider in NJ. Subject to insurability.
Life insurance policy guarantees are subject to the timely payment of premiums. As long as the no-lapse guarantee is in effect, the policy is guaranteed not to lapse. By paying only the minimum no-lapse guarantee premium, you may be forgoing the opportunity to build a higher account value. At the end of the no-lapse guarantee period provided by either the policy or the rider, you may need to make significant additional premium payments. Withdrawals and loan indebtedness will cause an increase in the premium requirement under the base no-lapse guarantee and will reduce the death benefit and cash surrender value. Non-payment of the requirement premium and changes to the specified amount or death benefit option may also damage the no-lapse guarantee feature.
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Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of Columbus Life Insurance Company.
Life insurance products are not bank products, are not a deposit, are not insured by the FDIC, nor any other federal entity, have no bank guarantee and may lose value.
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