Nautical Term®

Life Insurance

Throughout life, there may be times when you only need life insurance for a specific period of time. Or, you may not need permanent life insurance quite yet, but still want coverage.

Nautical Term life insurance can help, with full life insurance coverage for a specific number of years. And — if an unfortunate event occurs — Nautical Term provides tax-free benefits to your beneficiaries at a time when they need them most.

Whether you want to help protect your family's home, education plans, a business loan or key business personnel, choose Nautical Term life insurance.

Key Features

Life insurance protection that costs less than a permanent life insurance policy.
Replaces key income for your family or business upon your death.
Death benefit is income tax-free.
Premium amount stays the same for the length of the term.
Can be converted into a permanent life insurance policy up to age 70 or when the term ends.


18-75; 10-year term
18-70; 15-year term
18-65; 20-year term1
18-50; 30-year term2
Face Amounts
$150,000; 10-year term
$100,000; 15-, 20- and 30-year term

Advances a portion of the death benefit when certain medical conditions are met.
Accidental Death Benefit Rider
Pays an additional amount in addition to the death benefit if you die in an accident.
Accidental Death and Specific Loss Rider
Pays an additional amount if you die in an accident or incur the loss of an essential body part.
Children's Term Rider
Covers eligible children ages 15 days to 18 years, until age 23.
Other Insured Term Rider4
Provides term insurance to age 95.
Return of Premium Rider (on 20- and 30-year plans)
Returns all paid premiums at the end of the term period.
Waiver of Premium Rider
Waives all premiums if you become disabled.

1 With addition of Return on Premium Rider, ages adjust to 18-55.
2 With addition of Return on Premium Rider, ages adjust to 18-45.
3 Accelerated death benefits will reduce the death benefit and may affect the available loan amount and other policy values.
4 Covered Person Term Rider in NJ. Subject to insurability.
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Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of Columbus Life Insurance Company.
Life insurance products are not bank products, are not a deposit, are not insured by the FDIC, nor any other federal entity, have no bank guarantee and may lose value.
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Policy series CL 83 0405, CL 83-U 0405, and rider series CLR-29, CLR-30, CLR-82, CLR-161 0405, CLR-161 1208, CLR-161 1308, CLR-162 0405, CLR-163 0405, CLR-163-U 0405, CLR-164 0703, CLR-201 1208 and CLR-201 1308.